How the cost of Ambien differs with the Ambien dose?

doctor holding ambien 10 mg and 5mg pill bottleAmbien is a highly potent medicine that is used in the treatment of insomnia. People purchase Ambien at both offline and online pharmacies. The rate of this medicine differs from place to place and pharmacy to pharmacy. But another factor that accounts to the difference in the price of Ambien pills is the varied dosage levels. Each dose of Ambien is priced differently. This is due to the effectiveness of each Ambien dosage strength. Read this article to understand how the cost of Ambien prescription differs with the Ambien dose and also the price of different Ambien dosage strengths.

Ambien dosage and efficacy

Ambien sleep aid medication is available in the dosage strengths of 5mg and 10mg. The medicine has the active ingredient zolpidem tartrate which is a gamma amino butyric acid or simply called as the GABA. Ambien is a sedative and acts as a hypnotic. That is why Ambien enables a person to doze off to sleep within minutes of its consumption.

The hypnotic properties in the medicine treat insomnia effectively. The drug is believed to act in the body by affecting the chemicals in the brains and nerves which are thought to be unbalanced in people who are suffering from sleep disorder, medically termed as insomnia.

Ambien is available in two different formulations irrespective of its dosage strength. The two formulations are the immediate release and the extended release. The immediate release form of Ambien enables one to fall to sleep when you go to bed.

The extended release on the other hand has two layers, the first layer which dissolves quickly to enable you fall asleep and the second layer dissolves slowly to help you stay asleep for long. Ambien’s different formulations according to its dosage strength is what makes it priced differently.

Ambien 5mg dosage and price

Ambien 5mg is a tolerable medicine that is recommended to patients who complain of deprived sleep. 5mg Ambien is the lowest and most recommended dosage for treating insomnia. Women mostly are prescribed for the 5mg dosage strength of Ambien. A 5mg Ambien pill will cost a person $2.40 roughly at online pharmacies. However, the same medicine is available at a much higher price at physical drug outlets. You would have to pay $4.00 approximately for 5mg dosage strength of Ambien at Walmart.

Ambien 10mg dosage and price

The 10mg dosage level of the Ambien sleep pill is slightly heavy power when compared to the 5mg Ambien. The effect is also fast and its tolerability is based as per age, immune power and disorder level. Since 10mg Ambien dosage is a heavy dose, it is generally costlier than the 5mg Ambien. One can buy Ambien 10mg for $3.03 per pill approximately at online drugstores, whereas 10mg Ambien at Walgreens is priced for $5.51. So the higher is the dosage level of the Ambien medicine, higher is the price of the pill. That is how the cost of Ambien differs as per the Ambien dosage.