Dosage Strengths of Ambien

women sleepingIt is very much essential that you consult the doctor and determine the exact dosage level before ordering Ambien online. Normally doctors prescribe 10 mg Ambien daily and instruct individuals to take it only for a shorter period of time. Remember that Ambien is not recommended for long-term medication. The dosage strengths of this drug are 5 mg and 10 mg. Irrespective of the dosage strength, the sedative effects last for 8 full hours.

Why different dosages for Men and Women

Ambien medication is mostly prescribed with the dosage strength of 10mg to men and 5mg to women. This difference is due to the varied metabolism rate between the two genders. Women have a slow metabolism rate so the 5mg dose would be more than enough for them to make them fall asleep and maintain it.

Men, on the other hand, have a faster metabolism rate so they require the higher dosage strength to get enough effectiveness in their body. When women tend to take 10mg dose they would still feel sleepy the next morning whereas when men take 5mg dose it would not be sufficient for them. But, there are also few exceptions for these. Few men would find the Ambien dose 5mg to be more than enough for them. This is because the rate of metabolism would be very slow for them.

Take the dose that is instructed for you only when you know that you can get enough sleep. In case you cannot sleep for at least six to seven hours then you are not supposed to take the tablet.

It might impair the cognitive ability of a person and this is the same for both the genders. In this case, it is a must that you have to avoid any activity like driving or handling machinery that requires extreme alertness.

Ambien is the best drug and it can provide great effects if you to take the right dosage strength that your body requires.

Precautions to be followed before taking Zolpidem

Make it a point that you take Zolpidem only at the time of going to bed, as it hits the peak concentration level in blood within 30 minutes upon consumption. Buy Zolpidem online overnight from online pharmacies that sell genuine drugs. You may be down with memory problems and drowsiness when you take this drug despite not having a full night’s rest for about 7-8 hours.

People with liver disease, kidney disease and a history of alcohol addiction are prescribed to buy Ambien 5 mg. Off late, the recommended dose for Ambien has been lowered down by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) department of USA. Hence, it is advised that when you cheap Zolpidem online read the prescription label for dosage instructions.